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I want to take a moment and do some expectation management.

If you have a project in mind and wish to commission me to build it, the best way to get me started is to send a picture. Pinterest is really good for this. They bill themselves as cataloging the world’s ideas, and for the most part, they’re doing a really good job of that. Hunt around on Pinterest and find a picture. Just based on the picture, I can give you an estimated cost for the project.

I’ll ask you several questions, such as space requirements, material desired, what finish you want, and the function of the piece. Based on those inputs, I’ll do a CAD drawing using SketchUp. I love SketchUp. It’s easy, intuitive, and there is a huge community that uses it. I really like SketchUp.

I’ll model up the project and get your input along the way. Your input is crucial. This is what custom is all about. Once I’ve got the piece modeled and you’ve given me approval to build, I’ll start sourcing the wood, materials, etc. This is also where I’ll give you a final cost.

After I’ve started building, I’ll continue to seek your input. Do you want the edges chamfered, rounded, or just break the edges? What sort of hardware to you want? Brushed nickel? Oil rubbed bronze? Flat black? Do you want any backlighting? What sort of design elements do you want? What color paint? Remember, I’m building YOUR idea. I expect you to be involved in the design process. I will send you pictures throughout the build.

You can expect me to be flexible. I built the headboard to the client’s specs, and when I delivered it, she decided that she liked the color of the back more than the front. I flipped it around and put it on the wall. I get that people change their minds. I get that pictures don’t always show scale and color very well.

I expect that you’ll love your customized piece.

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