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Tool boxes part deux

By now you know that I’m very keen on the “home for every tool, and every tool in it’s home” concept.  I want to discuss carpenter’s tool chests for a moment.

Chris Schwarz is sort of a hero of mine.  He’s a writer for Popular Woodworking and a master craftsman, and he’s dedicated to using hand tools to the greatest extent possible.  He works using tools that fit into his tool chest.  He’s got a few saws, some planes, several chisels, a brace and some bits, squares, etc.  It’s not the tool chest built by H. O. Studley, but it is functional.  And when something serves the purpose for which it was built, and does that one thing very well, that to me is functional beauty.

Stand by for future blog posts as I design, layout, and construct my carpenter’s tool chest later this year.