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Coming Soon! A Product Line tab

I’ve always thought that I needed a product line.  Something that the customer can browse through and say, “I need that!”.

Also, it gives me something to work on when I don’t have a client.  Hopefully, I can build the product line out into a series of creations and products.  As usual, it will be along the line of A Home for Everything, and Everything in its Home.

First up in the product line:  Storage racks for the garage

I built this rack for a client back in May.  Simple 2×4 construction, lag bolted to the wall, sturdy as all get out.  This one was 6 1/2′ tall, 2′ deep, 11′ wide.  That’s 143 cubic feet of storage.  Who can’t use 143 feet of storage?

I was so impressed with myself over this simple rack that I decided to build one to store all of the lumber in the garage, I mean, woodshop.  Who uses a garage to PARK a VEHICLE, right?  Garages are for woodshops, and making sawdust, and storing both useful and un-useful items.  That’s what storage racks are for!  Here’s a picture of that one.

This is the rack I built to hold my lumber. 16′ long, 8′ high, 3′ wide. About 335′ cubic feet of storage.

Other things in the product line that I’m thinking about….really nice tool boxes.  Tool chests.  Leather work.