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Ruminations on being in business almost a year

-Making sawdust is easy.  Updating the blog is not.

-I struggle with determining how much ‘custom’ costs.  I’m building one of a kind creations.  What I’ve found is that people come to me to build something that they can’t buy at Wal-mart/Target, can’t find in a flea market or antique store, but there’s a picture of it on Pinterest.  So how much value does that have to the customer?  How much should I charge, given my relatively new status to the custom building market?  There’s a balance there, and I don’t think I’ve found it yet.

– I always forget to mention this, so I’m going to mention it now.  I’m a retired veteran, and I get 10% off on all purchases at the big box home improvement stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot.  I pass those savings directly on to YOU, my friend!

-Taxes suck at any level.

-I’ve learned more about business, customer relationships, future goals, and even woodworking in the last ten months than I would have ever expected.  I’m excited to continue to expand my skill set, master new techniques, and build my gallery by putting projects into homes and businesses in the greater Huntsville area.

Chris Schwarz is a workshop hero of mine.  He makes it look so easy.

-I’ve never NOT had a project waiting for me to work on.  That is encouraging.

-I’m excited to build a ‘proper‘ workbench.