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Today I had some free time, so I practiced sharpening some of my tools. Sharp tools are such a pleasure to use. Dull tools are so NOT a pleasure to use.
I won’t bore you with the details, but a quick grind on a grinder, then 50-100 strokes on the med grit stone, then 30-50 strokes on the fine grit stone gives me a good cutting edge.

Sharp blade
One sharp blade! And I didn’t even strop or hone with 12,000 grit yet.

Is it the sharpest blade in the world? No, it isn’t. Is the blade sharp enough to be very serviceable? Yes. Yes it is.

Two lower-end hand planes that get the job done because they have a really sharp blade.

You need a sharp blade when doing dovetails, or using a hand plane. These are two planes: a #5 jack plane and a smoothing plane. They are fun to use because they are really sharp. Legend has it that you can get cut just by loo OWWWW! king at them. (I stole that line from Kung Fu Panda).
Sharpening is a skill, just like any other skill. Practicing makes the skill easier to do and accomplish.