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Shortly after I went to the courthouse and got my business license and such, I wrote up a 5 year plan.  I laid out what I wanted to do, tools I wanted to buy, business processes I wanted to have in place.  I put them on a timeline, culminating in having my own dedicated and environmentally controlled woodworking shop after 5 years.

My goal for the first year was to get 10 jobs, among other things.  I thought it was a modest, but achievable goal.

So far, after about 6 months in business, I’ve gotten 10 jobs already.  I’ve bid for 2 others that I didn’t get.  I’ve completed 7, the other 3 are in various stages of development.

I am grateful to each and every client that allowed me to build for them, to listen to them, and to fulfill the idea they had in their head.  I am grateful that they allowed me to put something into their homes.  I am grateful for that trust.  I hope to build many more projects, to build much more trust, in the future.