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Flexibility is the key to air power, yoga instructors, and the custom experience, apparently.

I went to a client’s house this weekend for the final install.  I get there and the client says, “I’m going to throw you a curve.  I want to change how the lid is going to open.”  “OK”, I say, “Show me how you want to change it.”  “I want to move the hinges from where I had originally told you, to the front.” “Sure thing.”


I strive to provide the custom experience with the service the customer is paying for.  If I can’t be flexible in meeting the customer’s needs, I’m not really providing the custom experience.

Fortunately, I was able to make the changes the customer wanted right there in his rec room, with little time or expense added.

This is the second time that I’ve delivered what I thought was the final product and the customer ‘flipped the script’ on me.

Flexibility.  It’s key to the custom experience.