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I want to talk about what custom means to me.  Custom means that whatever you build has never been built exactly like the way you’re building it.  Ever.  Custom means that the piece of furniture, or the book case, or the country chandelier, or the end table, or the headboard, is built to your specs.  It’s designed to fit your space.  It’s finished to suit your taste, your colors, your style.  You are getting an original piece built for you.
But it is so much more than that.  Custom, to me, is intimate.  You’re not buying a mass produced piece of particle board that’s put together with tab A going into slot B.  You are buying access to the fabrication shop.  I will seek your input in the design process.  I will seek your input during the finishing process.  You get full ability to turn the design in your head into reality.  I’m just here to help assist make that design solid.  Tangible.  Yours.
I love to make and build things.  I love to take a picture and a question, “Could you do something like that?” and make it happen.
I’m really excited about opening up this business.  I want to see how well I can take your dream, your vision, and your style, and meld it with wood and light and metal and leather and make something that is yours in every sense of the word.