Handcrafted Furniture in Huntsville, AL

It started with a Facebook post from a neighbor asking if anyone in the neighborhood had some woodworking skills. I said, “Yeah, I know a little bit”. She got in touch with me and showed me a picture of a picnic table and benches. “Sure, I can build that. No problem.”

I went up to Hobby Hardwood Alabama (outside of New Market) and bought 70 board feet of poplar. I drafted up the picture in Sketchup and showed it to the neighbor. “Perfect! I’m so excited!”

Custom Made Wood Table

I built the custom made wood table to fit the space requirements, added my own little design elements, and finished with the paint color of her choice. I built the table and benches to her standing and sitting height. How much more custom can you get?

So thanks, Stephanie Selko, for being my first client and giving me the courage to think that I could turn this into a business.